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 We believe in commitment towards quality in service enables to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Who Are We​

Established in 2018, Knovatic Solutions stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of service-driven healthcare data collection and research. Our ethos is rooted in the belief of delivering transparent, meticulously crafted service to our esteemed clients, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our Mission​

Committed to excellence, our dedicated project management team operates round-the-clock, covering 18 out of 24 hours, ensuring seamless coordination and keeping your projects on track. With Knovatic Solutions by your side, rest assured, as we strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations, enabling you to approach each day with greater confidence and peace of mind.

What We Do

KOL Management​
Media Monitoring
Content Marketing
Desk Research​
Digital Marketing​
Custom Development​

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where innovation meets excellence in data management and secondary research.

As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled services designed to empower businesses and individuals alike. Our commitment revolves around delivering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. At Knovatic Solutions, we understand the pivotal role data plays in driving success. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive data management services that cover every aspect of your needs. Whether it’s data analysis to uncover insights, data cleansing to ensure accuracy, or data mining to extract valuable information, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies to deliver results that drive meaningful outcomes for your business.
With Knovatic Solutions by your side, you can rest assured that your data is in capable hands. We go above and beyond to understand your unique requirements and tailor our services to suit your specific goals. Experience the difference with Knovatic Solutions – where precision meets innovation, and your success is our priority.

Our K6 Process​



Knovatic defines the goals, objectives, and requirements of the software project. This involves gathering information from stakeholders, identifying user needs, defining the scope of the project, and setting clear objectives for what the software should achieve.



Once the goals and requirements are defined, the design phase begins. This involves creating a detailed blueprint of the software solution, including user interface, database design, and system components. We collaborate to ensure that the solution meets the specified requirements.



In the development phase, our engineers and developers write the code according to the specifications outlined in the design phase. This involves programming, testing, debugging, and integrating various modules and components to build the software solution.



Once the software is developed, it is deployed to the production environment for users to access and utilize. This phase involves setting up servers, configuring databases, installing the software, and conducting thorough testing to ensure that everything works as expected.



The delivery phase involves making the software available to end-users or clients. This may include providing user training, documentation, and support to ensure a smooth transition to the new software. Companies may also collect feedback from users during this phase to identify any issues.



The final stage of the process involves maintaining and supporting the software over its lifecycle. This includes monitoring its performance, fixing bugs, releasing updates and patches, and responding to user inquiries and support requests. Continuous improvement is key.

Why Choose Us?​

At Knovatic Solutions, we understand that in today’s data-driven world, businesses need innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

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